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About me

I started building my first website when I was 15 years old. Even then I already enjoyed myself doing it and that actually never really changed. After I did the necessary/compulsory – thanks mom – educations I got myself a Master of Arts diploma in New Media. After this, the office jobs commenced. I changed my parttime job for a fulltime one at Idsgn in Hoofddorp, The Netherlands. After a while, I started looking for new challenges, which brought me to TIE Kinetix in Breukelen, The Netherlands. Using the newest techniques I was able to learn quite a lot in a short timespan. (More on this on my CV-page.) My position there changed to the extent I wasn’t happy with what I did anymore – this gave me the idea that a web developer does not always need to be in the office… The idea to work as a web developer and travel at the same time was born.

The summer went and I started working at Sam Media in Amsterdam as an email marketing specialist. The idea was for me to be there for a short while, but it turned out I was needed more than was expected. I knew there was a division of Sam Media in Malaysia where the designers and developers were situated, so I started applying for me to go there as it would be beneficial for me as well as for the company to work in the development department. It actually did turn out to be a win-win situation, as I am currently getting used to the 34 degrees celsius every day in Kuala Lumpur!

The idea for now is to continue to travel after three months (half April, 2016) and from there on working remotely for other companies. Depending on size/duration of the projects, I’ll stay for a longer period of time in the same place or in the event of a short assignment, I can continue thereafter. Only time will tell how the combination of working remotely and traveling at the same time will turn out, but I know people are already doing it like this; traveling as web developer!

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